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At the movies!
Go to Timduru's EF6 LSD-Show movie page!
Download most of the pawpet performances from Eurofurence 6!
Behind the scenes!
I decided to make our original planning page for the LSD show on EF6 publically available here.

LSD is sponsored by DoPE - Department of Pawpetry Entertainment
A small note to all your lawyers out there:
DoPE is entirely fictional, and stated here for a just-for-fun purpose.
Though DoPE's entirely fictional, we still accept bribes or donated puppets at any time.

How did it start?

In March 2000 Fairlight stumbled across a live streamed RealMovie show called ' The Funday Pawpet Show'.
In April 2000 he went to Confurence 11 and took his only puppet with him that he had at that time, which was a Folkmanis lion. He met with a very nice guy called Teddy Ruxpin there, who ran the pawpet event on the con, and was allowed to take part in the show.
The fun he had there sparked even more interest, and so, just two weeks after he came back from Confurence, Fairlight decided to run his own pawpet show on the next EuroFurence.
He gathered some talented and interested puppeteers together and started to plan and set up a show, build a nice stage, and so on.
After just a few rehearsals the very first LSD show ever was presented to the furry audience in August 2000, on Eurofurence 6. It was a blast, and both the puppeteers and the audience had a lot of fun that night.

Who runs LSD?

The core pawpeteer staff of the LSD show are:

Which puppets are there?

The LSD core staff currently owns:
Owner Puppet's Name Puppet Manufacturer Comments
Eisfuchs Kyle fox cub Folkmanis movable jaw
Eisfuchs Kevin raccoon Suzy-Toys -
Eisfuchs Michiki ferret Folkmanis movable jaw
Fairlight Lionel Scritchie lion Folkmanis movable jaw
Fairlight Tag sheepdog Folkmanis movable jaw
Fairlight Peek ferret Folkmanis movable jaw
Fairlight Poke ferret Folkmanis movable jaw
Fairlight Rascal raccoon Folkmanis movable jaw
Fairlight Send suggestions! tiger Folkmanis movable jaw
Fairlight Send suggestions! golden retriever Folkmanis movable jaw
Fairlight Send suggestions! leopard Folkmanis movable jaw
Fairlight Send suggestions! snow leopard Folkmanis movable jaw
Lynard Friedwarth(Freddy) ferret Folkmanis movable jaw
Lynard Carl coyote Folkmanis movable jaw
Redlouts Riff fox cub Folkmanis movable jaw
Redlouts Lori fox Folkmanis movable jaw

Where can I see a show?

Well, you got two chances.
You can either download some video feed from our Eurofurence 6 performance here or wait until spring 2001 where the crew will meet at the Mephit Mini-Con 4. For the next big show, you have to attend to Eurofurence 7, which should be around August 2001.

Why is this already the end of this page?

It is? Oh.. dang, you're right.. it is.
What a shame.. I guess the editor of these webpages did not yet continue to think up silly questions and answer them to himself.
But don't despair... there will be many more information available as soon as I got myself to write them down.

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