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How to act with your furry critter

Here you will learn
  • how to basically operate the various types of pawpets

  • how to develop a character for your pawpet

  • how to have your pawpet express moods and feelings

  • how to plan entertaining shows

  • how to use ventriloquism with your pawpet

  • I know, I'm just promising a lot here, without having anything brought online yet..
    To compensate for that a bit, I decided to make the original planning page for the LSD show performance at EF6 publically available.
    (So you all know what went wrong and was totally unplanned.. like the audience firing the sweets back at us...)
    Anyway.. just click here to have a look.
    I would love to make the mp3's we used during the performances available for you, but I think that would be against the copyright laws. But you'll find the names of the songs on the planning page mentioned and linked above, so it should not be too hard to find the songs on one of the commonly known mp3 networks.

    Copyright ©2000 by Marcus Hess
    email: pawpet@pawpet.de