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Welcome to the EF-planning page of the LSD Show.
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Thursday, 20th July 2000

We did it! Well, we finished our first rehearsal and planning meeting which happened on the weekend from 7th to 9th of July. It was a success, we got plenty neat ideas and it's all set up. The stage is completely finished now and it looks really nice, I think. A big HUG to all who helped here, especially to Murphy for letting us use his room and rearrange his household. Hugs also go to Furvan for technical help and fetching me and the stage material from my outback position here in Pirmasens, as well as to Redlouts, who did a great job at something I didn't want to do (grin).. which was sewing the velcro to all the fabric. We can now build up the stage in 20-30 minutes and tear it down in 15 or less, I guess. You'll find more infos in the updated page. Especially the Program and Info sections got several changes reflecting the new, up-to-date plans.
Here are some pictures from the rehearsal and the stage:
Thanks to Furvan for the pictures!

Sunday, 8th June 2000

Okay, everything is set for the big meeting at Murphy's place from 7th to 9th July. all puppeteers as well as our host, Murphy (Yay, thanks dude!!) have accepted.
I added two more puppets to the puppet section, two ferrets I just got. They won't take any parts in the songs since I really don't want to change the program now.

Wednesday, 7th June 2000

Yaay, we now have our official logo up and running! Thanks again to Cairyn! *hugglies*
The EF6 puppeteer meeting is now scheduled for 7th to 9th July at Murphy's den. If this schedule interfers with other plans you have, please contact me as soon as possible about that!

Tuesday, 6th June 2000

I shipped the CD's to the puppeteers today. Have fun!

Monday, 29th May 2000

Thanks to Redlouts we now have a very nice On-Stage/Off-Stage list in the program listing. Thank you, pal!

Sunday, 28th May 2000

Okay, I did it. You will find a show program where so far the song proposals had been. This program is still subject to discussion, if you have any really good ideas or proposals, just let me know and we'll see what we can do.
You will notice that I threw some songs out. This is due to two reasons...
  • First, we had more songs than we needed to fill the show, and
  • Second, some songs moved from the main LSD show to the Lottery Variety Show.

  • (This includes '18 Wheels on the Big Rig' as well as 'I hate when that happens'!)

    Saturday, 21th May 2000

    Took some pictures of the raw stage construction.
    I know the pictures are too small and too dark, but I just wanted to show you that I actually _do_ something regarding the stage :) I put chairs behind the stage and sat on them.. and my head still does not pop out behind the stage. This means we can easily sit there and play if we want :) Or kneel or whatever.

    Wednesday, 18th May 2000

    I added the names to the song-list. Just very(!!) rough proposals, but at least I got something standing there :) Looks far more nice than the (??) stuff :)
    Went to the store today and took pictures of some of the fabrics. After deciding that those glittering fantasy-fabrics look pretty stupid I came up with a rather simple black and wine-red combo. I'll add some more decorations later on, but these are the basic stage colors. Don't mind the silly dog .. just put him in to give you a better idea.

    Please note that this is a photoshop fake, not a pic of the actual stage.

    Tuesday, 16th May 2000

    Lynard joined the puppeteering crew. Welcome!!
    I also changed the time schedule since we now have 90 minutes instead of just 60, as we had before.. Thanks chee for giving us even more work to do.. *grin*

    Tuesday, 9th May 2000

    I ordered a Folkmanis sheepdog today. So we'll have two of them on the show. Since I created the Tag the Dog character I will sort of "transfer" it to the sheepdog I baught.. which leaves Furvans puppets completely nameless.. hey, dude just come up with some silly names.. you can do it! Yay!
    I also added some navigation links to the page.. just because.

    Sunday, 7th May 2000

    The first entries in the Program part have been added. Obviously a program part had to be added for that, too.

    Saturday, 6th May 2000

    I've completed the basic structure of the stage. The construction is done using aluminium profiles and looks rather stable to me.. The dimensions of the stage will be 2x2x2 meters. The height of the front, where the puppetry will take place is 1,40 meters. That means we can even _sit_ or kneel behind the stage, no need to crouch down and get into all kinds of positions and poses to prevent yourself from beeing seen by the audience. This also ensures that, even if the stage stands on ground level, the fur sitting in the last row of the audience will see what's on the stage without having to look through the heads of the rest of the audience.
    next step will be buying and applying the basic fabrics. I'm not yet sure about the color combinations of the fore- and the background. Blue and red would look nice, but then we'd have the same stage colors as the pawpet show.. that's not bad, but I hoped to come up with something more original. *smiles* Well, we'll see what my brain comes up with. You're welcome to give your comments on this as well.

    I N F O

    Links: News Info Program
    The background of the show is.. all puppets live together in a dormitory of a yet unnamed university. (No, it's not ACME.. ) In the evening they do this show just like other students run their own campus newspaper and such. Whoever thinks about ASB now.. is sort of right.. except that the show is PG or G rated.. and despite some speculations there are no gay people in the dorm. (At least none that we know of...)

    After the success of the unplanned event on MMC3 and considering the fun we had during our rehearsal in July, I think the EF6 show will become a big success. We made it to the evening program on the EF6 main stage, a far better time schedule than before, but this means some trouble with the Fursuit Presentation, which is following directly after our show.. (And most of the puppeteers beeing fursuiters as well doesn't help much, really...)
    The puppet stage will be pre-built-up on thursday afternoon. After building up the stage there will be some final rehearsal of the show, so we would need all the involved personnel there by then. This would include Lynard, Redlouts, Eisfuchs and myself as puppeteers, Cheetah for the music and Pum for the lights. Also I'll need the puppets by then to be able to do the rehearsal. This rehearsal is not public!! We will not accept any uninvolved spectators around.

    Okay, here are the topics:

    Who will work on the show, and in what position:
  • Eisfuchs as puppeteer

  • Fairlight as puppeteer

  • Lynard as puppeteer

  • Redlouts as puppeteer

  • Cheetah as sound operator

  • Pum as light/effects operator

  • Who will bring puppets, and what type of puppet will that be?
    Owner Species Manufacturer Name Other Info
    Eisfuchs Fox cub Folkmanis Kyle -
    Eisfuchs Racoon Suzy-Toys Kevin no movable jaw
    Eisfuchs Ferret Folkmanis Michiki -
    Fairlight Lion Folkmanis Lionel Scritchie He's the typical "Why not wear glasses at night?" cool type of insane cat.
    Fairlight Sheepdog Folkmanis Tag Yet another dumb doggie....
    Fairlight Ferret Folkmanis - It's cute, it's fresh, it's a ferret.
    Fairlight Ferret Folkmanis - Ferrets, ferrets, ferrets, yaaaaaay!
    Furvan Sheepdog Folkmanis - -
    Furvan Timberwolf Folkmanis - still looking for a name...
    Lynard Ferret Folkmanis Friedwarth can we call him Freddy for short? *grin*
    Redlouts Fox cub Folkmanis Riff
    Redlouts Fox Folkmanis Lori A cute cuddly vixen...
    That's 4 ferrets, 2 sheepdogs,2 fox cubs, 1 fox, 1 timberwolf, 1 racoon and one lion.

    There will eventuelly be more puppets, Pum and someone else (forgot the name, sorry) wanted to bring folkmanis foxes and grimm, should he show up, wanted to help on puppeteering and throw in his bobcat puppet.Also, Lynard pondered buying a Folkamnis coyote puppet.

    What equipment is provided or needed:
  • Fairlight: Puppet Stage

  • The puppet stage is 2x2x2 meters in size, covered with black and red fabrics. 3-6 persons will fit in there without any problems. The front of the stage is 1.40 meter high, giving the puppeteers the opportunity to either comfortably sit or kneel behind it.
    The stage is currently located in Kassel at Murphy's place and will be fetched from there by the furs dirving the van from Berlin to the con site.
    After the con the stage is taken to Berlin, where is is stored until its next use.
  • Furvan: Video camera for Show recording and monitoring

  • On-Site: Sound equipment, PC for playing mp3's, lights

  • All pre-setup since we're doing our show on the main stage.
  • Fairlight: Control Video Monitors

  • Normal TV sets, actually. We will have two of them behind the stage, one is located in Kassel at the moment and will be fetched by the Berlin furs together with the stage. The other monitor will be organized by me until the con, and I'll try to take it with me on the train.
    Both TV sets are modified, which means the x-axis is flipped. This provides a far better monitoring than unflipped TV sets. (You get a more mirror-like effect if you flip the x-axis.)
    We still need:
  • VCR with SCART or cinch input and antenna cable output for the stage monitors

  • We can also use it to simply record the show on VHS tape.

    What's on the show?
    Please have a look at the Program!

    Puppetry Information
    The main topic of the show will be playing songs and moving the puppets according to them. If anyone wants to see some examples, I recommend you to go to This is a very good resource for puppet shows. From the main page of you'll also find very useful links to informations about how to operate different kinds of puppets. If you're a puppeteer for the show, I really recommend you have a look at the pawpet pages and practice a bit in front of your mirror.

    P R O G R A M

    Links: News Info Program

    The entire event will be 90 minutes:
  • 45 minutes LSD-Show
  • 15 minutes SIG
  • 30 minutes public puppet fun (audience participation)

  • The LSD Show

    Position Songname Length Puppets / Puppeteers Stage action
    Seating Maybe I'm a Lion 5:34 --- None. Just some music to play from when the doors open to when the audience is seated.
    Intro Boom Shakalaka 1:21 All Two puppets per puppeteer, mostly ferrets with two sheepdogs played by Eisfuchs and Redlouts. This is the ideal opening music. I picture some fog blown into the stage and the lights slowly increase.. so the puppets fade into existance from the darkness and the fog.
    01 Muskrat Love 3:06 Lion(Fairlight)
    2 fox cubs(Redlouts)
    Lion sings the lead, the foxes sing the backing.
    02 Dead Puppies 2:12 Sheepdog(dead)
    2 Ferrets(Eis,Lynard)
    The Lions sings lead, Ferrets sing the chorus and one of them does the in-between parts "sing along... once again for roman rashcar.." (actually I have _no_ idea what it means.. just wrote it in phonetic style, so please don't be too picky about this, okay? :) The second ferret only comes up for the chorus, the first ferret is busy trying to reanimate the doggie by heart massage when it's not busy singing.
    03 Sweet like chocolate 3:32 Ferret(Lynard)
    2 fox cubs(Eisfuchs)
    The fox cub sing the background (sweet like chocolate.. ohoh..), the fox sings the lead while the ferret breaks into a warehouse and steals all kinds of chocolate from there. Thanks to Furvan for this idea!
    04 Lucas with the Lid off 4:00 Lion(Fairlight)
    2 foxes(Redlouts)
    Lion sings lead, foxes do the "I feel.." part, the Timber does the occasional in-between part of the song (sometimes some guy throws in some lyrics, that's what I mean by the in-between part.. like the "Watch me now, you hear me now?"-part in the beginning..)
    05 Bread and Butter 1:57 Ferret(Lynard)
    Ferret sings male part, the fox the hysterical female part.
    06 Proper Cup of Coffee 4:09 Ferret(Eisfuchs)
    One ferret sings lead, the other joins in for the chorus.
    07 The Window 3:22 Ferret(Eisfuchs)
    They always alternate.. one sings one rhyme, the other one the next. The timberwolf sings the "clear opera voice" part.
    08 Mr. Bassman 2:23 Sheepdog(Eisfuchs)
    I just liked the combination of small and big dog for this song :) The sheepdog will do the low bass part, the timberwolf will do the singing and the novice bassman part, the higher voice.
    09 Manah Manah 2:20 Lion(Fairlight)
    2 foxes(Redlouts)
    The lion sings the manah manah grumble stuff, the foxes sing the "du du de doodoo" backing. A third puppeteer grams two random plushies and does the Waldorf & Stadler part on the end. During the song the lion seems to go away tot he background.. this means the puppeteer briefly escapes to the background of the stage and approaches the front again slowly. You'll see what I mean when you hear the song.
    10 Boot to the Head 6:09 Sheepdog(Eisfuchs)
    Sheepdog's the master, Ferret's Ed Grouperman. The Lion's the first student, the Timberwolf's the second one. Vaious other puppets fly through the air as the master starts bashing around. During the song the sheepdog sings lead, the ferret sings the "nanana na nanaaaaaa" stuff. The other puppeteers just grab random puppets left after the fighting scene and does the "Boot to the Head" chorus. The bobtail and the ferret have a fix puppeteer.. and the other, poor puppeteers will play the students as well as the beaten up other students. This job will get slightly hectic.. *smile* No need to get the hand in the puppet.. just wave the slack puppet towards the sheepdog, let him kick it and throw the puppet into the air. Since the Ferret will be "out of order" after challenging the master it's player can help with the hectic part.. He just needs to make sure he got his ferret back on his paw by the time the song starts. We will most likely need to recollect the puppets from the entire place after this performance.
    11 Rawhide - The Blues Brothers 2:39 Sheepdog(Eisfuchs)
    2 Ferrets(Lynard)
    Sheepdog sings lead, The Ferrets do the background vocals. The Lion does the in-between conversation (Look 'em up...). This also includes the "Yah!"'s at the end of the song.
    End Muppets Closing Theme 0:58 Lion(Fair)
    Lionel Scritchie will say goodbye and thanks and point to the sig if we can get a microphone mixed into the running song. Waldorf and Stadler will be played by Eisfuchs and Redlouts using a sheepdog and a ferret.

    We have approximately 38 minutes of music.


      = On-Stage
      = On-Stage (lead)
    Position Songname Eisfuchs Fairlight Lynard Redlouts
    intro Boom Shakalaka Sheepdog+Ferret 2 Ferrets 2 Ferrets Sheepdog+Ferret
    01 Muskrat Love   Lion   2 Fox-cubs
    02 Dead Puppies Ferret Lion Ferret  
    03 Sweet Like Chocolate 2 Fox-cubs   Ferret Fox
    04 Lucas With The Lid Off   Lion Timberwolf 2 Foxes
    05 Bread And Butter     Ferret Fox
    06 Proper Cup Of Coffee Ferret Sheepdog    
    07 The Window Ferret Timberwolf   Sheepdog
    08 Mr. Bassman Sheepdog   Timberwolf  
    09 Manah Manah   Lion   2 Foxes
    10 Boot To The Head Sheepdog -Lion
    -additional puppet
    Ferret -Timberwolf
    -additional puppet
    11 Rawhide - The Blues Brothers Sheepdog Lion 2 Ferrets  
    end Muppets Closing Theme Ferret Lion (microphone)   Sheepdog
    Total apperiances (lead-parts) 9 (5) 10 (5) 8 (3) 9 (3)

    Thanks to Redlouts for creating this really handy list!! *hug*

    The Puppet SIG

    After the LSD show each one of the puppeteers will grab his/her favourite puppet and come to the front of the stage, visible to the audience. We will then answer questions about puppetry and explain some of the more basic puppetry rules, like trying to just move the lower jaw, keeping the puppet alive, depending on the character of the puppet, and syllable lipsynching. This should take no more than about 15 minutes, I guess. We will also spread some PawPet show flyers to the audience for those interested.

    Public Puppet Fun

    As last part of the show we will try to lure furs from the audience to the stage so that they can try their own paws at puppetry... the main thing about that is.. FUN..
    We have a lot of music at paw, a lot of popular songs, so everyone could pick something he or she likes. This is the point where it'll get a bit tough for our poor sound operator, Cheetah...
    If really no one should want to try the puppet fun on their own, we'll first try to do some song proposals and just grab some people who look interested enough but obviously are just too shy.. :) We will also offer to play along with them.
    If still noone want to play, we will go backstage again and do some extra unplanned songs on our own until our 90 minutes limit is over.
    But I think it should be possible to get the audience to do some puppetry on their own. We have about 30 minutes for that. Here lies the backdraw of the new show schedule... we cannot take more time than we were scheduled for, since the main stage is needed for the Fursuit Presentation directly after our show.

    Caution: If any of the furs supplying puppets do not want their puppets to be played on foreign paws, he/she has to remove his/her puppets from the stage during the sig part or before the sig starts. I am not responsible for any damage inflicted on the puppets or the puppeteers.
    Maybe we should organize some of these refreshening wet handkerchiefs with lemon scent so we (and the audience) can wipe off sweat, chocolate, or any other kind of sticky stuff.
    Our rehearsal also taught me that a big "bounty" roll is what we will need most.

    Links: News Info Program