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Tiresta's pawpet place

Note:This page contains pictures and several videos. In order to replay the videos you might need the newest version of Realplayer, available right here.

To download a video or save the large version of a picture, click on the video paw logo or the thumbnail of the picture using the right mousebutton and save the link.

All comments to the pictures or videos are written by Steve Plunkett aka Tiresta.
Comments about the puppets or videos go directly to Tiresta.
Please have a look at Tiresta's Homepage, too!

Here's a fairly recent pic of me with two of the Squirrelles.
Darlene is the lavender squirrel on the left, Tiresta is on the right.
This is an older pic of Gracie, my original squirrel.
Much more recent picture of me and Gracie.
Notice now I am wearing contacts, and Gracie has a cute new outfit. :)
Another older pic of me and Gracie, trying for the cute factor this time.
Another recent pic, this time a closeup look of me and a cute squirrel.
An older pic of my red fox vixen, Scarlett.
Another pic of Scarlett, trying a different background.
chipmunk video
approx. 7 MB
A bit of pawpet silliness here. This was done in April of 99 in Ocean City, NJ, right after the Doo-Dah parade.
The ferret is being performed by Ron Orr, and I'm doing the chipmunk. I just was playing around with the chipmunk, Ron was talking to the ferret, and decided to bring the chipmunk up and have a discussion. Totally unplanned and unscripted, but a lot of fun!
ferretini video
approx. 370 kB
This was the closing act for the Furry Variety Show at Duckon in 99. Just a bunch of acrobatic ferrets. :)
FVS1 video
approx. 530 kB
This is a segment of the opening act from the FVS at Duckon in 99, a parody of The Raven called Spam. This bit is 4 ferrets in Viking hats singing the Spam sing from Monty Python.
Gracie1 video
approx. 1.9 MB
A very cute video, also from the FVS at Duckon in 99. This is Gracie in her 50s outfit, singing Hopelessly Devoted to You from Grease. Performed by me.
Raccoon98 video
approx. 1.4 MB
This is the one that started it all. It's actually the second performance of the Raccoon Song, but this timw with a twist, we destroyed a VCR! The video is a bit small, but it shows the VCR dropping better than the other video I have. This is from Duckon in 98.
RaccoonSong video
approx. 1.4 MB
This is the song from Duckon in 99, had a bit more props in it, and this time we destroy a computer.

Note:Although Tiresta is from the states and thus is not from the european fandom this page is mainly dedicated to, I thaught the videos are a nice and very welcome addition to the the pawpet.de resources.
Tiresta is one of the oldest and one of the best furry puppeteers around, so just download and watch the movies and pictures on this webpage. I promise you it's fun and it's educational, in a pawpet way. Thanks, Fairlight.

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